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About TTEC

The Triangle Technology Executives Council (TTEC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the economic development of organizations in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. The membership base is comprised of senior technology leaders that lead the internal IT strategy for their respective organizations. TTEC builds this network through regular, peer led, meetings to discuss the responsibilities and challenges of the CIO role, as well as technologies that enable positive business outcomes for their respective organization.

Our Mission

To build an engaged community of senior technology leaders in the Research Triangle Region, where each member can leverage it for professional development, collaboration and community involvement. We also contribute to the economic growth by nurturing the technology workforce, diversity and inclusion, STEM education, emerging technologies and entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

CIOs and senior technology leaders collaborating together to best understand and deliver technology solutions that lead to the digital transformation of all organizations in the region, driving economic development, job creation and community.

Strategic Initiatives


Meet regularly to discuss trends and technologies that are most relevant to the CIO, in a roundtable format. The content is developed and discussions are led by the peer membership, where every attendee is qualified to be a subject matter expert.

Community Engagement

Engage with other charitable organizations to further benefit the community.


Believe in equality and inclusion throughout the knowledge workforce. Our goal is to drive more diversity in leadership roles at all organizations.

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